Thursday, March 3, 2011


Well, since I adjusted the price of my book to $.99 on Kindle I have seen a nice increase in sales. I think this is a price that is a great deal! Tell all you know to check it out and support a starving author.

Thanks to all you bought one!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

How Time Flies...

Hello All 3 of you,

I just have to say how time flies...

I have been in the middle of trying to find a new job since my position is getting eliminated and they were nice enough to give me 3 months, but I am almost at the end of my rope now. Still no promising leads, but I have another month left, so keep those fingers crossed.

With the new task of finding a job I have had no time to write anything into the new book. Maybe someday here I can get going on it, but until then the hunt continues.



Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Writing Book #2

Well, I have give up...for now on promoting my first book. At least until the price drops to make it competitive. It is not that I do not have faith in my book, I think it to be a work of art, but it is so new that it needs some "street cred" to sell for such a high price. In the meantime I have been plugging away on writing the second installment of my "Sentinels Series". I have to admit that I feel the second is leagues beyond the first and I am only on chapter 3. I think I might try to combine the books into one and re-attempt the main stream publishers with it. With this second book I am focusing more on the fallen angels then the Sentinels which gives more leeway with fighting. I am about 12,000 words in and I am focusing in on trying to write 80,000 words for this story. I think I am well on my way. I will keep all 3 of you posted.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Turning My Book into a Video Game

Well, as I was thinking of new ways to combat the overwhelming price of my book, I thought about other avenues I could expand. One of said avenues would be turning my book into a video game or roll playing game. I am currently in the process of submitting my idea to White Wolf to see if they may bite on the idea. If anyone has any other ideas let me know for I am open to whatever to get my book noticed.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Book Pricing

This will be short...What in the hell is going on with the price of my book? I was okay with $19.95, kind of high, but now it is $29.95 on Amazon! WTF!! The price on the publishers website is $24.95. I cannot take it. This is really bad, I feel horrible and now I feel no one will be willing to spend that much unless the hype around the book is phenomenal. Someone needs to tell me if I can get the price lowered. Thanks for the rant, I still do not feel better!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Divine Arts

     This subject of my book was a long one. I know I could not just make all the angels the same. As far as strength and speed are concerned. I needed to make each one unique, apart from the wing colors that is, so what do I do? I came to the conclusion that they needed to be special abilities and a bunch of them. I chose not to give all of them super strength and super speeds. But being an angel you do get blessed with being slightly faster and stronger than a normal human. I also endowed most with the ability to take a ton of punishment, beyond normal means. Some have the ability to invade your mind and make choices for you while others can control the elements. I tried to tie the wing colors to those with elemental abilities, like lighting I see that as yellow. Earth:Brown and Gravity:Purple.
     I also am going to stay true to the angels of Lucifer and give them the ability to transform. Not all are going to be the same, and that righ there will be a challeng if I see myself continuing on with the series.
     I wanted to make sure that most wings had at least 4 arts, that is why most have the same. I guess I got lazy, sorry! But if anyone has more ideas for divine arts I am always open for suggestions. Look forward to the next book it is more driven towards the fallen. Thanks!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Writing A Book

     Never in my life would I have guessed that I would write a book! It all came about as a challenge, and low and behold here I am trying to promote a book. This is much more a struggle than I thought it would have been. I have a hard time with negative feed back, but people need to understand that when you try to promote a book you need to go down every avenue you can. Some people think that writing a review on book sites is misleading, but I am sure more than one author has done this. I am unsure what works the best so far since my book has only been released for 6 days now, but I have a page on, this blog, my book is on the publishers website and on I feel the internet is the place to flood the grounds with the word of my book, but I am positive that it does not hurt to get out there and get into the book stores.
    Word of advice to those out there who are writing or want to write a book, make sure you have several people read the book to find all mistakes. I had this done, but there are still mistakes in the book and not all publishers edit the story for you. Do not fall into the same pitfall as I did. If I ever finish the second installment of my story I will make sure I am confident that the story is devoid of all errors. One thing that I do have going for me though is the story is a good read and when you read it, it read like there are no errors (mostly) because I feel you be there in the story with the characters.
     If anyone has any more suggestions on the topic let me know, for I am more than willing to listen. Thanks!